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Dental Hygiene

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Teeth cleaning is the most common, yet important procedures we perform. Beyond home care, having regular dental cleanings is the most important part of dental hygiene.

How often do I need to come in for a cleaning?

You should come in for dental cleanings once every six months, or twice each year. It is imperative that both adults and children come in for regular cleanings to prevent plaque buildup and to ensure that there are no issues within the teeth. It is usually much easier and cheaper to treat conditions when they are caught early.

What happens during a cleaning?

One of our qualified, friendly dental hygienists will see you and perform the bulk of your cleaning. The hygienist will polish, floss and remove plaque from your teeth. They will also take x-rays to allow for a better look at the state of your teeth. For children, cleanings may include a fluoride treatment.

What does the dentist look for during a cleaning?

Dr. Holser will come in after the hygienist has done the cleaning and give you an examination. He will look at your x-rays and teeth for abnormalities, as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have. Dr. Holser is dedicated to the individual needs of his patients and will come up with a treatment plan that suits your needs and situation.

What if I need work done?

Additional work is almost never done during a routine cleaning. If Dr. Holser detects an issue, he will inform you of your treatment options and schedule an additional appointment. Necessary work will be completed at that time. If we do not perform the procedure you need at our practice, we will refer you to a specialist.

How can I best care for my teeth on my own?

You can help us by caring for your teeth in between cleanings. This includes brushing at least twice a day and using dental floss daily. Mouth rinses can supplement your daily dental hygiene routine. If you are experiencing tooth pain or something else that is concerning to you, please give our office a call and come in for an examination.

Once we remove plaque and polish your teeth, your cleaning is complete. Be sure to come in again in six months for another examination. We’ll look forward to seeing you!

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