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Dental Fillings

Even when someone is diligent about cleaning his or her teeth on a daily basis, dental problems can occur. It is very difficult to brush, floss, and, rinse in a way that prevents all tooth problems. This is especially true in teenagers.

After all baby teeth are gone and new full adult teeth sets are grown, unexpected problems can arise. It is very common for young adults to develop cavities and weak spots on their new adult teeth. There are many reasons these happen, but regardless of the origin, the problems need to be addressed. The most likely course of action is a filling.

How does a filling help?

After Dr. Holser has etched away the portion of a tooth that is darkened, the area will be replaced with an extremely strong composite material. This material acts like normal tooth enamel and it will not interfere with a person’s bite pattern. Despite the frequent occurrence of cavities, there was a time when dark spots meant that a tooth would have to be removed. Modern dental techniques have vastly improved the life of teeth through the administration of fillings.

How are fillings made?

Some fillings are made from exotic materials like gold, silver, porcelain, and synthetic polymers. These materials are normally reserved for extreme dental needs. Most single-tooth fillings are made from bonding composites that feel and look like natural tooth enamel. Unwanted parts of a tooth are removed and replaced with a composite mold. These composite fillings feel just like normal tooth material and work well in both adult and juvenile mouths. Fillings replace unhealthy tooth material, but never alter the natural mechanisms in a person’s mouth.

Isn’t good dental hygiene and prevention effort enough?

For continued dental maintenance, daily dental hygiene is adequate to preserve adult teeth and to ward away cavities. For young people with new sets of adult teeth, this is hard to maintain. Fillings are not a normal part of caring for “baby teeth,” but they are more seriously considered in adult permanent teeth.

The use of composite fillings is extraordinarily effective in preventing future dental problems. At the first sign of sensitivity, aesthetic, or bite problems, you should have Dr. Holser check to see if a filling is necessary.

Where can I locate an affordable, high-quality dentist for my dental needs?

Dr. Holser specializes in providing complete dental care for the entire family. He and his knowledgeable staff offer expert dental care to his patients in Xenia, Ohio and surrounding communities. Patients can expect to receive quality dental care in a warm, friendly environment. It is important to Dr. Holser that patients understand the dental options that are available based on their current needs.

What other dental services does Dr. Holser offer his patients?

This family-oriented dental practice offers a full range of dental services with a strong focus on preventative care. The primary services include teeth cleaning, root canal treatment, tooth extraction, dentures, fillings, gum treatment, and cosmetic dentistry is available.

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